THE PARASIGHT Studio Signs with Creative Artists Agency

THE PARASIGHT Studio Signs with CAA

THE PARASIGHT studio has signed with a leading entertainment and sports agency, Creative Artists Agency (CAA).

At THE PARASIGHT studio, our main goal is more than just creating games. It’s about crafting expansive worlds where players can dive in and discover unforgettable stories.

Bartosz Kaproń, CEO and Creative Director:

We’re truly excited about our global partnerships. Now, teaming up with CAA – a partner with such a portfolio is like the icing on the cake and underscores our vision for the development of our IPs. THE PARASIGHT is here to inspire, engage, and captivate audiences worldwide, and our partnership with CAA signifies a crucial step toward achieving this objective

THE PARASIGHT team is charting a course for upcoming adventures that delve into the rich world of legends. These initiatives seamlessly blend groundbreaking production values – unforgettable stories, innovative gameplay, and a distinctive artistic flair. With every project, THE PARASIGHT wants to shake up pop culture in a fresh way, and thanks to CAA, we’re a step closer.

CAA is an American talent and sports agency collaborating with icons of global popular culture (among others: Tom Hanks, Steven Spielberg, Respawn Entertainment, and Obsidian Entertainment). Esteemed as a pioneer in the field and one of the most influential such companies worldwide, for decades it has effectively assisted its partners in key areas of their operations.


With us, every legend gets a second act. Creators of the award-winning, critically acclaimed BLACKTAIL, a first-person, surreal action-adventure game, where the story of Baba Yaga comes to life.


Creative Artists Agency (CAA) is a leading entertainment and sports agency, with global expertise in filmed and live entertainment, digital media, publishing, sponsorship sales and endorsements, media finance, consumer investing, fashion, trademark licensing, and philanthropy.  Distinguished by its culture of collaboration and exceptional client service, CAA’s diverse workforce identifies, innovates, and amplifies opportunities for the people and organizations that shape culture and inspire the world. 

Founded in 1975, CAA is headquartered in Los Angeles, and has offices in New York, Nashville, Memphis, Chicago, Miami, London, Munich, Geneva, Stockholm, Shanghai, and Beijing, among other locations globally.  For more information, please visit